Melissa Murray
" 'This is an ethereal world, high above the dazzling white cloud banks, high above the world of man.' "" 'Up there the temperature is 30, 40, or 50, degrees below zero, our planes struggle to fly in the super thin air that causes the weird vapor trails to swirl from the screaming propellors.' "" "In a few short hours I would be five miles above it, in the cold steely blue of enemy skies.' "" 'The ground was hard but friendly' "" 'These were the noises of war' "Nest"The spectral mists of dawn shrouded the trees and hung low along the landscape.""The rose colored horizon announced the sun, the birth of a new day.""Skylarks wheeled gracefully in the cool gray skies of dawn, unmindful of the strange myriad of sounds that seemed so foreign to this natural serenity."Beneath the furthest known stackthe roses were fake, but grew even though...field notesWhen you smelled of lilacs a depth equal it heightInfinity is always longerseeing it twice by the absence of starswinterturn around, bring her homethey are yours, they are lostthe sounds of fallen bonethe best laid plansmy heart in your throatsmall whispers and the passing by of the dead of wintermaking the home to return toan offeringyour last breath